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The Venetian Europroject was formed in 2004 by Flavio Meggiato, the frontman and singer of the band. The name expresses the band’s intention: proposing a tribute to Europe, the famous Swedish band that marked the 80’s hard rock history and is now reimposing itself on the international rock stage with the same force and power as twenty years ago.

The care of details and the constant attention to Europe sound aroused interest in many clubs, so the band was able to present its tribute in the north-east of Italy.

The Europroject attended the first National Europe Tribute Band Contest during the Europe Tribute Night (22nd April 2006 at Sonny Boy, Treviso). Ian Haugland, Europe’s drummer, was the president of the quality’s jury. The band won the award as best band and best musicians: best singer, best guitar player, best bass player and best drummer, confirming itself as Europe Tribute Band in front of 1000 people and a Europe’s member himself. In August 2011 Europroject had the honour to share the stage with Kee Marcello for an unforgettable gig, performing together the songs that the Europe’s former guitar player composed, recorded and performed with the swedish band.



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